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Introduction and Getting to Know You


Good job finding this place. I can assure you that there will be random stuffs being updated here; be it videos, audios, texts, and whatnot. And these will be of a different genre to be honest. Because my attention span goes from one to another rather quick. Not that I lose interest easily, more like I get excited over things very easily and tend to leave them behind until something has rekindled those passionate feels. To get an idea about what I generally like, head over to the profile page. But here's a brief idea of my interests:
  • Seiyuu (Especially Fukuyama Jun. This man made me spend so much lol...)
  • Johnny's (Sexy Zone, Hey! Say! JUMP, Arashi)
  • Anime (Too many to state. But sports genre can never go wrong. All-time favorite = One Piece)
  • Manga (Shonen, Shojo, Sports, etc. All-time favorite = One Piece)
I have developed an interest in the 2.5D world thanks to Daiya and Yowapeda. I used to listen to Visual Kei many years ago. But that has toned down and it has shifted to Anisong, Jpop, Jrock and Johnny's once again. My favorite band is UVERworld and I am going to their concert one day. It's in my bucket list. :3

So..... now it is your turn! I figured that from now on, it will make me feel less uncomfortable to grant access to people who have at least introduced themselves instead of blindly granting access like I have done. That is to say, I'll only grant access to people who have commented here. Or you can choose to PM me~

Just a short introduction will do. You can write down your interests and hobby, and even how you've found this journal. Anything else that you would like to share, please feel free to write them down in the comment as well. Remember to read the rules too!

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[personal profile] yamagumi23 2017-02-08 02:16 am (UTC)(link)
Hello Furuyan ~~! omg sorry for the late reply :(

deshou ? haha XD yes yes that Kento who's face is all over the shoujo manga adaptation haha XD ... HAHAH OMG Kenty ~~ //sings candy can you be my baby haha

I agree.. omg .. I'm just new to 2.5D fandom and Im already spending a lot T^T . Like bromides, pbook (tho I only have Asuma's) , and monthly subscription of Uechan's niconico T^T .. I cant bought DVD yet since I dont know anymore where can I get money for buying one haha XD but I want to buy soon T^T orz (maybe i should ask a raise on my job haha) .. Me too, I'm amazed that they have many adapted stage play and I need to watch the anime before they release a dvd XD.

I havent heard All Out. haha I'll research for it and add on my pending list XD .. I haven't finished watching Daiya S2 yet T^T . I got sidetrack again with YowaPeda and rewacth it OTL. Will also try to watch Eyeshield 21 haha

Omg I'm sorry T^T . but I'll slowly try to recognize them ahah/ deshouuu ~~ <3 XD EEH HE'S NATSU ? ! OMG ... I didnt know haha tho I only watched up to ep 50 of FT. UWAAAAH ... NObu is Rin? ! omg ... I also didnt finished watching Ao no Exorcist T^T //omg why am I easily got sidetracked with doramas that time T^T

Uwaaah XD Yoroshiku ne ~~!
//srsly I want to flail with you but my comment is getting longer T^T sorry for talking a lot T^T
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[personal profile] yamagumi23 2017-02-20 08:48 am (UTC)(link)
OMG T^T Im really sorry for the late reply T^T .

I did what you suggest XD about listing down the DVDs that I want to buy hahaha XD after I listed it I dont know if I could buy all of them haha XD but I have a DVD that needed to be prioritize XD

uwaaah ~! I'll search for it. XD.. I only downloaded their singles haha XD