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The Content Page

I foresee quite a number of various posts being updated here, so I figured it would be good to jot down the posts that I have made on top of the tags that have been used in each post. They will be separated into categories and sub-categories. These will expand as more posts are being made. Basically the uploads will be done on a whim unless... there is a request after reading my Tumblr where I update my purchase. :3


2.5D / Stage Plays

【DVD】舞台 ダイヤのA The LIVE II

【DVD】舞台 ダイヤのA The LIVE III

TV Drama

【TV Drama】男水! Course 01


【DVD】UVERworld 「一滴の影響」


2.5D / Stage Play



How do you get rid of the 'Save' every time you edit a post on DW? :(