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Introduction and Getting to Know You


Good job finding this place. I can assure you that there will be random stuffs being updated here; be it videos, audios, texts, and whatnot. And these will be of a different genre to be honest. Because my attention span goes from one to another rather quick. Not that I lose interest easily, more like I get excited over things very easily and tend to leave them behind until something has rekindled those passionate feels. To get an idea about what I generally like, head over to the profile page. But here's a brief idea of my interests:
  • Seiyuu (Especially Fukuyama Jun. This man made me spend so much lol...)
  • Johnny's (Sexy Zone, Hey! Say! JUMP, Arashi)
  • Anime (Too many to state. But sports genre can never go wrong. All-time favorite = One Piece)
  • Manga (Shonen, Shojo, Sports, etc. All-time favorite = One Piece)
I have developed an interest in the 2.5D world thanks to Daiya and Yowapeda. I used to listen to Visual Kei many years ago. But that has toned down and it has shifted to Anisong, Jpop, Jrock and Johnny's once again. My favorite band is UVERworld and I am going to their concert one day. It's in my bucket list. :3

So..... now it is your turn! I figured that from now on, it will make me feel less uncomfortable to grant access to people who have at least introduced themselves instead of blindly granting access like I have done. That is to say, I'll only grant access to people who have commented here. Or you can choose to PM me~

Just a short introduction will do. You can write down your interests and hobby, and even how you've found this journal. Anything else that you would like to share, please feel free to write them down in the comment as well. Remember to read the rules too!

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[personal profile] myuto 2017-01-23 03:43 pm (UTC)(link)

my name is mint~
I like seiyuu (I really like Fukuyama Jun a lot too! but one who made me spend so much was Irino Miyu tho XD), I used to like Johnnys as well (was big fan of Sexy Zone but not really much updated with them now). I got interested with 2.5D ever since I heard that Touken Ranbu was made into musical and stage play, but the play which completely made me really into this 2.5D jigen is Ensemble Stars on Stage ;; I bought the DVD just because I want to watch Kitamuu but ended up liking all of the casts there ;; omg I think I'm talking so much XD

I usually sharing my copy and things too (I used to share lots of Sexy Zone vids lol) (I kinda miss them actually) so ofc I completely understand about the rules you've wrote. I have read and will sure obey them ^^ hope we can be friend anyway ^^
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[personal profile] myuto 2017-01-24 03:01 pm (UTC)(link)
alright Furuyan //w//
yesss XD omg kamiyu are indeed double trouble XD they love to bullying Namidai, I can't XD

please watch ansuta stage! it's so awesome I'm addicted already ;; I can't wait to watch the new stage (omg May please come faster)

omg nooooo XDD ever since I jumped to 2.5D hell, my savings is always in dangerous rate lol (bcs they are basically releasing expensive dvd and photobooks) my bias in Sexy Zone is actually Fuma but sure I like Kento as well...
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[personal profile] amiraami 2017-01-24 03:33 pm (UTC)(link)
hi my name is Ami~ idk how to introduce myself but i also like johnny's and seiyuu. especially Arashi, HSJ, kisumai, Johnnys west and johnny's jr. yeah so many groups xD
but recently i got interested in 2.5d world after Ensemble Stars' stageplay; I fall in love with the casts, i don't know anime stageplay can be this interesting. (all these time i only watchs johnnys' xD). Daiya no ace is my all-time favorite series so i want to try their butai too and i want to know more about stage play actors~
I found your dw by link from one of the DnA post at tenimyutopia@lj.
not much different from Johnny's fandom, i perfectly understand the rules.
i hope i can be accepted here. thanks in advance!
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[personal profile] amiraami 2017-01-24 04:13 pm (UTC)(link)
haha yes! DnA surprisingly interesting. i haven't watch Yowapeda though. still on my plan-to-watch list but i keep forgetting;;;; orz
i like Ozawa Ren! he look energetic just like his characters and he such a dork xD wada takuma is so ikemen as miyuki asdhfhfal *___*
hai~! kochira koso yoroshiku!
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[personal profile] in_definable 2017-01-31 07:17 pm (UTC)(link)
My name's Fifi and I came across your DW from the Daiya post in tenimyu comm.
I don't remember what got me into 2.5D but I know Daiya and Yowapeda played a huge role in it (the connection between those two stage plays? Well... sports genre and... Chantomo! I love him ^o^). I got addicted to Toumyu right after and before I knew it I was past the point of no return ^^
I like seiyuu too! If I have to mention a favorite, it'll be Miyano Mamoru (he got me into anime to begin with) but I have a lot more other faves like Okamoto Nobuhiko, Kimura Ryouhei, Masuda Toshiki (bias), etc. (there are just too many to mention!)
I don't know much about UVERworld but as soon as I read their name I remember AonoEx's OP because that song is just soooo good; it's been my fave for years now! I hope I can get into this band more someday! >o<

I've always followed every community rules so I promise not to re-share anything (I don't see the point in doing that anyways) and be a good-mannered member :>
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[personal profile] in_definable 2017-02-06 12:57 pm (UTC)(link)
Nice to meet you too!
It can't be helped, huh? Chantomo is irresistibly pret--... handsome ^///^ Same, I have a long list of unwatched stageplays too. The only other I've watched are Haikyuu!! and Ensemble Stars. :)
I think it was OHSHC. The first anime I watched was Death Note (dub) but I found it hard to get into other ones after that until I watched Ouran and basically stalked Mamo on MAL to watch all the anime he'd starred in xD Nobu is so cute! Plus, his voice is easily distinguishable *o*
Hehe not gonna lie, I'm looking forward to downloading the UVERworld live (?) CD you've posted. Looks exciting! :>
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[personal profile] yamagumi23 2017-02-02 01:15 am (UTC)(link)
Hello ~! ^^

My name is Gumi.

I like JE groups as well esp HSJ. ^^ (though Im not active anymore //because of 2.5D). I also like J-Actors esp Yamazaki Kento XD

I got interested in 2.5D last year, because of HaiSute and HakuMyu...(thanks to Hashimoto Shohei XD) and because I saw Uechan as Manami in press conference of YowaPeda Drama XD .. that's the start of my adventure in this fandom (I never thought that I will be entering this XD 'cause I'm too focused on JE and JActors before).

I love Uechan, Kitamu, RenRen and Aramaki ~~!

As for anime.. haha Im a sports anime trash (rn) ... thanks to YowaPeda, Haikyuu and Daiya ~~!

hmm in seiyuus.. I am not yet fully entering this fandom since Im having a hard time in recognizing voice/s T^T ... but I know some haha .. I like Kakihara Tetsuya because of Toudou (YowaPeda) and Subaru of Enstars and Nobuhiko Okamoto because of Kominato Ryosuke.

I saw your account in LJ about the Daiya Ace III ^o^ ...

I promise to abide the rules ^^ ... I;ve been entering different communities so im okay with it XD

Hope we can be good friends ^^
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[personal profile] yamagumi23 2017-02-08 02:16 am (UTC)(link)
Hello Furuyan ~~! omg sorry for the late reply :(

deshou ? haha XD yes yes that Kento who's face is all over the shoujo manga adaptation haha XD ... HAHAH OMG Kenty ~~ //sings candy can you be my baby haha

I agree.. omg .. I'm just new to 2.5D fandom and Im already spending a lot T^T . Like bromides, pbook (tho I only have Asuma's) , and monthly subscription of Uechan's niconico T^T .. I cant bought DVD yet since I dont know anymore where can I get money for buying one haha XD but I want to buy soon T^T orz (maybe i should ask a raise on my job haha) .. Me too, I'm amazed that they have many adapted stage play and I need to watch the anime before they release a dvd XD.

I havent heard All Out. haha I'll research for it and add on my pending list XD .. I haven't finished watching Daiya S2 yet T^T . I got sidetrack again with YowaPeda and rewacth it OTL. Will also try to watch Eyeshield 21 haha

Omg I'm sorry T^T . but I'll slowly try to recognize them ahah/ deshouuu ~~ <3 XD EEH HE'S NATSU ? ! OMG ... I didnt know haha tho I only watched up to ep 50 of FT. UWAAAAH ... NObu is Rin? ! omg ... I also didnt finished watching Ao no Exorcist T^T //omg why am I easily got sidetracked with doramas that time T^T

Uwaaah XD Yoroshiku ne ~~!
//srsly I want to flail with you but my comment is getting longer T^T sorry for talking a lot T^T
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[personal profile] yamagumi23 2017-02-20 08:48 am (UTC)(link)
OMG T^T Im really sorry for the late reply T^T .

I did what you suggest XD about listing down the DVDs that I want to buy hahaha XD after I listed it I dont know if I could buy all of them haha XD but I have a DVD that needed to be prioritize XD

uwaaah ~! I'll search for it. XD.. I only downloaded their singles haha XD
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[personal profile] aulia28 2017-02-04 09:43 am (UTC)(link)
Hello~ ^^
My name is Au ^^ i know your account from LJ comm ^^

I like JE groups, especially johnny's jr ^^
I like seiyuu and 2.5D stage play too XD and i love daiya so much xD

Nice to meet you ^^

and sorry for my bad english >


[personal profile] tatapoongie 2017-02-08 12:44 am (UTC)(link)
my name is Tata and ONE PIECE IS ALSO MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE too!!!!
glad that i found another one piece fan ;)
i'm also a fan of seiyuu^^ my faves are... umehara yuichiro, asanuma shintaro and ono kensho <3
my fav 2.5D stages are tenimyu, yowapeda, and ensemble stars hehe
nice to meet yoyu^^

i promise to obey the rules ;)

Re: hi!

[personal profile] tatapoongie 2017-02-11 01:37 pm (UTC)(link)
MY FAVORITE IS LAW <3 hot surgeon of death~
but Zoro also has my heart. Zoro is just a perfect first nakama^^
Tenimyu is my all-time favorite and 1st season is my favorite, i love kinda old people haha
what i love the most from yowapeda stage is the gag! I laughed too much when they wore weird costumes haha
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[personal profile] yuxuru 2017-02-09 07:15 pm (UTC)(link)
I found your blog because I'm really into 2.5D world right now and I love following the Daiya no A series ;;u;;
I used to be a huge fan of JE back when I was younger, but now it's just 2.5D stages and actors consuming my life lol

I love manga and anime too. Reading Daiya and lots of sports mangas is what got me into stages to begin with hehe.
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[personal profile] yuxuru 2017-02-12 07:28 am (UTC)(link)
For JE, KAT-TUN was how I got into JE so of course they were my favorite. Then after watching so many shokura episodes I feel in love with Kisumai. I also really loved Yamashita Shoon and Ayukawa Taiyou back when they were juniors before they quit. Have you heard of them? They're kinda old, I think it's been over 10 years i think? XD

I haven't seen All Out yet sadly, but I've kept up with Haikyuu!

[personal profile] copycat1 2017-02-11 01:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi, Furuyan~ My name is Yumi. I saw your Daiya no A post on tenimyu community.
I'm not good at English, so if there is something wrong in my comment, I'm sorry in advance. T.T
I love 2.5D stage plays because of Yowapeda(It's my favorite stageā™„).
My favorite seiyuu is Miyano Mamoru, but I also like Fukujun!
I really like Lelouch among the characters that Fukujun plays!
I am happy to hear that Code Geass 3 will be produced. XD
Yoroshiku! :D

[personal profile] tatchunari 2017-03-06 03:50 am (UTC)(link)
Hello! My name is Yaya ^^

I found your dreamwidth from the Daiya III post! I love 2.5D and anime/mangas. It's been almost a year since I started watching butais but I still don't know a lot of things haha.

My main biases (lol main bias) is Mario and Kitamu. Also I have just now descended to Izawa Yuuki's hell thanks to Osomatsusan on Stage. No regretzzzzz.

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
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[personal profile] fagulouso 2017-03-09 08:57 am (UTC)(link)
Hello!! my name is Nalle~

I really love seiyuus and butais. Just like you I started to watch stage plays because of Yowapeda and specially Daiya(omg I really love the seiyuus and stage actors in this series) HAIL KOMINATO BROS
Fukuyama Jun is also one of my bias too(cue to that smexyvoiceIwishinther18cdscoughs) and Im more into otome works and otome games right now kekeke
Thank you for sharing daiya stage and everything!!
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[personal profile] aichan49 2017-04-20 05:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Hello furuyan ! My name is Ai~
I came accross to your dw account through LJ comm and seems we have mutual interested in daiya stageplays so muchh. My bias is Renren cuz I love his antics and Chantomo are super duper badass~~~~
For seiyuu I really love all of the Daiya's seiyuu especially Hanae and Nobu. And I love FukuJun too since I watched Osomatsu-san^^

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu !

[personal profile] ameithyst 2017-05-25 08:52 am (UTC)(link)
Hi! I'm ameithyst (both here and on LJ). I found this because of one of your posts on tenimyutopia@LJ. (Thanks for sharing Daiya there!) I've loved anime and manga ever since I was young and just last year, I got enchanted into the world of 2.5D stage plays through Haisute and Tenimyu. Anyway, thank you for sharing some of your goodies. :)