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Date: Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 02:16 (UTC)
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Hello Furuyan ~~! omg sorry for the late reply :(

deshou ? haha XD yes yes that Kento who's face is all over the shoujo manga adaptation haha XD ... HAHAH OMG Kenty ~~ //sings candy can you be my baby haha

I agree.. omg .. I'm just new to 2.5D fandom and Im already spending a lot T^T . Like bromides, pbook (tho I only have Asuma's) , and monthly subscription of Uechan's niconico T^T .. I cant bought DVD yet since I dont know anymore where can I get money for buying one haha XD but I want to buy soon T^T orz (maybe i should ask a raise on my job haha) .. Me too, I'm amazed that they have many adapted stage play and I need to watch the anime before they release a dvd XD.

I havent heard All Out. haha I'll research for it and add on my pending list XD .. I haven't finished watching Daiya S2 yet T^T . I got sidetrack again with YowaPeda and rewacth it OTL. Will also try to watch Eyeshield 21 haha

Omg I'm sorry T^T . but I'll slowly try to recognize them ahah/ deshouuu ~~ <3 XD EEH HE'S NATSU ? ! OMG ... I didnt know haha tho I only watched up to ep 50 of FT. UWAAAAH ... NObu is Rin? ! omg ... I also didnt finished watching Ao no Exorcist T^T //omg why am I easily got sidetracked with doramas that time T^T

Uwaaah XD Yoroshiku ne ~~!
//srsly I want to flail with you but my comment is getting longer T^T sorry for talking a lot T^T
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