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Date: Saturday, February 4th, 2017 17:50 (UTC)
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Hallo Gumi! Nice to meet you!

Aww... 2.5D stole their limelight! :( Ah~ That man who has been very active in all the shoujo manga adapted movies lol. The only Kento I am infatuated with now is only Nakajima Kento HAHA.

I see... before we know it, we will be so engrossed with something. I feel you. But it's a good thing. Though not so good for our wallets lmao. I'm amazed with the number of adapted stage plays there are these days as compared to many years ago. Must be the increasing popularity and demand hmm...

Haha!! Same here! What about All Out? It's not gonna be a long series like Daiya but I'm hoping for a second season. It's quite interesting. And the old series Eyeshield 21 <-- I never failed to laugh at every episode.

It's all right~ slowly you'll be able to recognize them all. Yes I love Kakki's Toudou <3 so pompous~ I like his Natsu in Fairy Tail too. For Nobu I started loving him more when he voice acted Okumura Rin in Ao no Exorcist. I was moved to tears when I heard him again when I watched the first episode of second season few weeks ago. T_T

Thank you! And I'm sure you will follow them! Yoroshiku ne! <3 Feel free to pm me! :3
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