Friday, January 20th, 2017

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This post is actually just a reminder to everyone and an evidence that I have stated clearly what are the do's and don'ts like any other places that have goodies for the mass. It is nothing but pretty much the simplest and similar to others. Because... the Internet is a scary place to be honest.

Generally, any new post will be freely accessible by anyone for not more than 3 days otherwise stated. That means I may switch it to viewable by people in my access list within the 3 days from the date it was posted.

And here's the simple breakdown of all that has to be made clear:

  1. Keep the links within this journal. Direct anyone who would like to have the files here.
  2. Keep the files to yourself. Let these files be for your own entertainment.
  3. Kindly seek permission for anything. If you would like to sub any of the videos, etc. please let me know. Because I am interested as well hahaha :D
  4. Know that I read all of your comments. A short little phrase makes me really happy that someone out there is actually reading and acknowledging the posts. Please feel free to talk to me as well! I'm excited to make friends with people of the same interest(s)!

I guess this is it. Anyway, one can find out what I might put up here by checkng out my Tumblr where I update the things I buy online and whatnot. You can also roughly know what I'm into these days.

P.S. If the links are dead, I may not renew them. I apologize for the inconvenience.


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